Discussion what is Shanghai dragon article editing standard

this name is estimated to have many friends are heard for the first time, in fact, around a word is a very simple concept, it is simple in keywords to make their own want to do is four place, that is specific to

The word around

: the first keyword appears in the title of the current page;

fourth: the other page in the anchor text, the words.


what is illustrated? We may say is the picture with the chant, that is not wrong, but I think that each article to take pictures and articles related to the content of images, each with the best 1-2 picture, don’t bring too much nor too little, the specific number can be decided according to the the specific circumstances of your website, then is to describe the pictures and add links, some people say that the picture can not add links, this depends on personal understanding, I am anyway every time add links in the picture, I think and would surely be no better.

in Shanghai Longfeng article editing standard no more complicated, is summed up at the beginning of the sentence "said the multi segment short sentences to read fast, station one percent directional anchor text illustrations, consider a word" around, some people may say I will put it in a nutshell is a bit too one-sided in fact, we want to be too complicated, Shanghai dragon editorial standard is as simple as possible, this is my own to Shanghai dragon article editing standard Mgr

multi segment short sentences

one percent directional anchor text

multi segment is to sub paragraph, not to try to control the number of words not too much or too little, the recommended amount each text is appropriate to control in 100 words or less, if too many words will let users have the feeling of fatigue, several paragraphs give users a buffer time in short, the sentence is the same, each section of each sentence should not be too long, try a simple sentence as short as possible, so that the user will not be so hard to read.

multi segment short sentences read fast, illustrated one percent station directional anchor text, consider the word around.

Consider the word around

second: the current page Keywords tag, description tag (if the keyword appears is English keywords, please also appear in URL

around. ; Here

the role of the anchor text I think I should not and we do too much explanation, I simply say that the proportion of the anchor text of the good, the so-called one percent directional anchor text is that if you site has 100 words, you can give this article to do an anchor text of a station if it is 800 words, eight directional station anchor text.


third: the content of the page, repeated the keywords, and bold in the first time,

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