General principles for selection of core keywords

2. website should have 1 to 3 core keywords

this is well understood, we must put the website keywords maximum value. We love Shanghai as far as possible to choose the index high and low degree of competition ". In fact, it is more difficult to find, we need to go through repeated mining and analysis. By the webmaster tools of detailed comparative analysis of key words.


general principles for selection of core keywords is the main point of the 4. Together we can combine the above keywords conversion rate, we find the core keywords for the website. The core keyword is our website optimization of heavy, so the core keywords must have the patience to study.

a site should have a theme, this is our core keywords, target keywords in general is our web page. Keywords to maximum flow is also possible on our website, the most difficult to optimize keywords. Our entire website will focus on the construction of the core keywords. We choose the core keywords mainly include the four principles.

1. high search volume, low degree of competition

4. core keywords to target sites for long-term

website should have 1 to 3 words, these 3 words have the best correlation. Shanghai people love the Dragon beginner business product to write up, it can give site bring good rankings. In fact, this is not correct. Web page key words too much, the optimization of the site is not conducive to the title is too long.

3. core keywords must conform to the overall structure of the

keyword after as little as possible replacement, replacement of a key cost is very big. So we will try to select appropriate keywords disposable. Some Shanghai dragon friends love to do some simple words, have good rankings for other more difficult words, this approach is very risky. We choose the best core keywords with the long-term goal of our website. In the long-term planning is Shanghai dragon planning must be done.

core is our theme of the entire site, which will be the core keywords choice we can play a guiding role. The content can be carried out around the core keywords. For example, we should choose the "electronic balance" or "Mettler electronic balance" as keywords within the page now, that "our electronic balance for this page and" electronic balance "and" Mettler electronic balance "which is more relevant. This is our choice of an important basis for the core keywords.

We chose the

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