nnovation layer this year fat meat become chicken ribs, what happened want to tell the world Yiqif

from all competition "fat" into a tasteless gesture of chicken ribs, also a year long gap, so be caught off guard this year’s innovation, what happened?


it is worth noting that for layered adjustments this "event", not only is that investors do not buy it, even the most hope to keep "innovation" of the aura of high-quality companies, showing enthusiasm.

was a union that is the Yiqifa check. Did Yiqifa people should know that he is not the general background of this alliance is not the general waste complex data called a point cannot read

undeniable, 2015’s new three board, is barbaric growth. Not only the number of listed companies soared, there have been a number of institutions "just ask how much, ask the price level" market shares and our shopping spree, intends to make a market share of "hard to find one" and is "seckill".

registration, he will ask you to choose whether to pay 100 yuan, or 200 yuan payment, or 800 yuan payment options. general webmaster will not see, definitely 100, I believe we all know, in addition to 800 yuan, should only Ali mom in the deduction of service charges, so the general terms will flash, and won’t go to see!

I really want to say here that you practice Yiqifa alliance accord with the provisions of the state? I want to complain about can not find the door! I hope the Webmaster Help! Help me hold this post! Not because the $68 tax, my heart really uncomfortable! Hope the brothers help me to post this far. Thank you,


but when the new board crossed the stage number of barbaric growth of listed companies, became the world’s largest capital market, followed by the various "legacy": the uneven quality of listed companies, the phenomenon of illegal It is often seen. Liquidity Dilemma has become increasingly prominent.

contacted the customer service, saying it was my fault and didn’t see it clearly when I registered.

according to media reports, 323 "off grade" original new layer companies, most of them took the initiative to give up the layer.


3, as well as 710 other underlying layers, were successfully selected.

can see, this innovation layer adjustment range is not big.

2, a total of 619 original new layer enterprise "Paul layer" success, 323 original new layer company "off grade" basic layer;

but surprisingly, compared to last year, when the innovation layer just landed, a stone Melaleuca hot wave of shock, this time the big adjustment in the capital market has not aroused too much water.


from all competition "fat" into a tasteless gesture of chicken ribs, also a year long gap, so be caught off guard this year’s innovation, what happened?

from the beginning of the new three board, layered this topic has been the focus of discussion among all parties in the market.

someone resign homecoming, a starry night to catch the examination room.

1, a total of 1329 listed company selected innovation layer screening list, accounting for 11.85% of total listed companies;

today, ICBC inadvertently audit found that more than 382 yuan the money is very puzzled where to

trading stock transfer system data show that in May 22, 2017, board making today opened slightly lower to 1087.27 points, the trend to maintain the shock, to close at 1086.90 points, a decline of 0.06%, the market index continued to triple yin.

so how to find good quality in mass enterprises?

May 21st, which lasted a year of new three board innovation layer ushered in the first adjustment. In this new list of innovations, there are several such data:

at the time of the new three board have such a piece: three board water too deep, buy shares to rely on mongolia.

, I don’t know if this post ADMIN5 will give me an audit, but I’ll try it or give it a try. I can’t wait for the payment this week, but I’m not happy at all. Not because this money is simply not satisfactory to you. Here is the $450 earned last week.

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