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QQ cool dual items Taobao told me that the original money can be so simple


became stay-at-home mom, my daily life is around her husband and children. Well, I’ve been out of work for two years. Want to start, I am also a career as a white-collar workers. Today, children have been in kindergarten, in order to avoid out of touch with society, I also have a heavy social plan.

so, I began to rearrange your resume around, began to look for jobs, but the face of a galaxy of talents society, it seems that he no longer had young professionals, more feel unable to feel powerless, feeling not to take for their work.

this time, her husband suggested that it would be better to take some time to learn, and then master more than one skill, perhaps to help themselves better integrate into this competitive society. I think it’s a good idea to get enough power and start again.

e-commerce graduate, I hope I have more marketing skills, so I also reported a class, hoping to enhance their ability in this area. God always favors the ideal goal, in my study, I accidentally found friends doing Taobao off work, understanding after the discovery, this is not an ordinary Taobao customers, but both Taobao QQ cool off. Compared with the traditional Taobao guest, QQ cool double Taobao guest still has a lot of advantages.

double Taobao Taobao is the rise of the new Taobao in 2012, both the same as ordinary customers to promote the purchase of goods to get a commission, you can also get a certain amount of commission through the promotion agent. Any two people to join Taobao customers will become the project agents, agents will have become a rebate mall. The construction of the entire site to create a key, simple and easy to manage site management.

he is the new normal, Taobao mall customer agent, agent after you have this: http://s.zfendou.com (click link to) the same mall, mall merchandise is the system automatically calls Taobao sales of goods, that is: you help Taobao selling their things, you don’t need to supply. Don’t need to do not need to send customer service, logistics and customer service to do, as long as you allow buyers to buy things from your store, you have a commission (Commission, commission and Taobao customers are the same, the highest percentage of 50%).

what is a double entry Taobao guest double entry Taobao guest? Please add QQ381713669 understand.

QQ cool double Taobao guest, is a new marketing model, the service of Taobao’s many businesses. While retaining the promotion of Taobao commodity Commission, but also increased the concept of agency revenue, give Taobao want to do more than a platform for the development of a platform. Even if you do not understand the program does not understand the site does not understand the optimization of a friend, you can also join the double Taobao customers to get a real amount of their own Taobao mall

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