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many entrepreneurs mention two words about "no entrepreneurial technology" "no money" and "no business" in fact this is a wrong idea, so I also want to start to start, I do not know what technology, do not understand, nor write, program nor connections I, how to start it? Of course, I prepare their own business on their own direction is to have a position, say I was in 2012 in the early stage of entrepreneurship, I also learn to do, learn all kinds of knowledge to enrich themselves, improve their professional skills.

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I am from 2012 to start a business, and the western region’s first professional network marketing talent training base, network marketing, puri. Today, I sum up some of the ideas I have summed up in my own business: roughly divided into the following four steps:

people are not perfect, opportunities are always for those who are prepared. When opportunities do not come, the only thing we can do is to improve ourselves and develop ourselves. However, this is not enough, even if you continue to enrich themselves, if you do not find the eye of opportunity, you can never accomplish great things. You see, Ma Ma, he knows the procedure? How many people do not know, but now become a network of people, this shows that entrepreneurship depends on the eye, not necessarily you are a perfect person.

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in today’s era, the idea of "contacts = money" has long been deeply rooted. "Integration of human resources" is the focus of many people, no one

three, connections

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second, enterprising

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in this era, "entrepreneurship" more and more voices. Among them, some people are happy, some people cry. Entrepreneurship is a good thing, but how to start a business is a difficult task. Entrepreneurship is not to do what you want to do, to start your business, you must do preliminary preparation. Otherwise, only in the process of entrepreneurship, and rush.

the Internet will be the only thing you can think of, and no one can’t do it. It can be no exaggeration to say that in the Internet age, as long as you have a good eye to find opportunities, there is a flexible thinking of the brain, and a tenacious execution, and want to succeed is not difficult. Do not you see, in recent years popular network "WeChat selling mask 3 months to earn 180 thousand, the grass root more beautiful" story, is the most powerful proof of the status of the


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good at finding opportunity is important, but only to find their own businesses, the cause of their judgments and decisions, it is my business to do other things, you can find your partner or someone else to do it OK. As a leader, entrepreneur, I have to do is to understand the market demand, mining market, overall control, so as to enable each entrepreneurial team to maximize the value, no distractions are easier to do one thing.

first, have the instinct to discover opportunities,


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