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Abstract: changes in ideas have fundamentally brought about the possibility of social interaction between men and women. With the opening of society and culture, "sexual needs" is no longer a difficult topic. Wider populations, more open sexual concepts, and more advanced technologies, from all perspectives, have a bright future for both sexes.

, but it’s not easy to finance, and when technology or creativity doesn’t have an obvious advantage, many of them are not lucky enough to expect results.

recall the development of China Venture Capital Circle in the past few years, and the word "fast" may be a description that many people will think of at the first time. We don’t even have to go back to the overseas financing of Ma and Ma Huateng fifteen years ago, even after the economic crisis seven years ago. For a long time, venture capital in China is in a low frequency trading environment, the number of investment institutions and entrepreneurial projects is not much. But with the rapid development of China’s Internet business environment, the venture capital industry has also undergone great changes, whether it is investment institutions or venture projects have experienced an outbreak.

concept has fundamentally led to the possibility of social interaction between sexes. With the opening of society and culture, "sexual needs" is no longer a difficult topic. In the mobile dating platform edge network recently released "90 after marriage" the report shows that 9 to 90 of men and 7 of women into 90 does not exclude the premarital sexual behavior, which is quite different from their predecessors, there are more than 30% of the other half of 90 women want to experience rich history, only 7.8% of the respondents think of >

era of the Internet economy has an obvious characteristic, city first king of the flag particularly fast: after one year, O2O has been cultivated as a spent force, now just red is live, VR, AI, seems to stick on the valuation of these words immediately doubled. Huge strangers, the social market is also advancing with the times, entrepreneurs no longer mention O2O, specifically to mention VR dating, live social…… The noisy you Changba me play, fought to the pit.

see gold ahead of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore?

is a piece of the Red Sea, entrepreneurs why so persistent strangers social market especially sexual social market? In addition to the endless see about what social gender, market subdivision vertical? When air past, how can

in many areas there have been a lot of development, unless it is to master the core technology like Magic Leap that the project will have a competitor, or the most entrepreneurial team can only choose the segments in the mature industry to do more exploration, and this also means that many of the real track are full of people. When technology is less important, timing becomes important, and earlier financing may mean bigger, even decisive business opportunities.

in view of the above situation, the investment market also flows

it is clear that a sharp increase in the number of entrepreneurs with a lot of "noise" makes it harder to find a good project, or it may be even harder.

for entrepreneurs, although investment institutions have experienced explosion in recent years, but the number of the increase rate is much lower than the increase in the number of entrepreneurs. In the era of "public entrepreneurship", the competition among entrepreneurs is more intense.

The change in the

The current

for investors, many projects, but good projects have not increased proportionally, investors in order to find the best project as much as possible, we must look at a large number of projects in the short term.

of course, that’s far from enough. The emergence of a social phenomenon must be the result of the combined effects of many forces. Technology more often plays a catalytic role.

, founder of Ethernet capital Zhou Zijing, once said, "there are dozens or even hundreds of projects in every segment of entrepreneurship, and investors have to face a lot of noise."". These noises are made up of large amounts of projects and segments of information. Although these projects and segments may represent the future direction of the industry, the selection of investors is still traditional and inefficient. Many investors may not have a unified project entrance, basically rely on acquaintances to pull strings and participate in a number of sporadic media roadshow as a project source, see the project may not exist pre screening.


, but the popularity of the mobile Internet broke out after 11 years, and the real "big social market" started. Prior to this, the Internet social is top of the Pyramid people all over the world, they are used by the public social and social acquaintances to bisexual friendship like such as the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, like micro-blog, commonly known as "love" or by traditional dating sites Jiayuan, such as 100 to date; the arrival of the mobile Internet, it really opens the larger the lower end of the market: people in Pyramid. They swept through, using the most suited to their habits of Qzone, the net to make the opposite sex. And then upgrade their habits, try more new and interesting social software.


why is social interaction

sexual demand is the eternal motive force of human development. The rapid development of download, cloud disk, video, virtual reality behind the powerful power of sexual needs. While the social market itself is the biggest beneficiaries, stable mass just is the core of the market, the market Tencent is the undisputed king of social gender; with its high willingness to demand itself, show more possibility, realization of more efficient, more popular in the social market.

in addition, fierce competition has raised the demand for financing for entrepreneurial contacts. When most people have little difference between the level of entrepreneurial projects or to present, have more channels of entrepreneurial projects naturally are more likely to get the opportunity to communicate with investors, therefore, are more likely to get the final investment.

no doubt, this outbreak is bound to make investment and financing docking become the key hub, but this docking did not imagine smooth.

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