Can Tesla achieve a major reversal in ChinaThe reason why the unit price of shlf1314 Adsense is lowe

      unit price reduction has been an indisputable fact for many people, even though I didn’t quite feel it.

from the brisk sales performance, Tesla has been in the world’s largest car market stand firm, and most people expect. Just last summer, it was widely believed that Tesla failed to do well in china. Tesla has been weak for third years in a row. Only a few customers understand Tesla, but do not understand how to charge. The delivery is always delayed, >

now, in China’s metropolis, Tesla has seen roaring past, very normal, just like in Silicon Valley to see tesla.

      there are many ways to raise the unit price or the average price, which can be adjusted for different reasons to achieve the purpose of raising the unit price. Common website diversity updates, so that shlf1314 no longer think your site is garbage station, reduce the number of ads displayed, reduce the opportunity to appear low-priced advertising. These are good ways, but in most people’s unit price reduction experience, there is a very important factor, that is invalid click.

      that is to say your income is low because the price is not reduced, but the average price decreased, because there are too many invalid clicks is no income, thus diluted your price, this is a lot of people suddenly find themselves at a substantially reduced reason.

if you take the Tesla car for the first time, you’ll find that the owner can’t help showing off. This time in Beijing China, bright spring days a day, I sit on the Vanessa · Zhu Tesla discovered that.

      of course also decreased said price is indeed a serious problem, because his income has been lower than the average price level of this industry, for example, click the price from 0.01$to 0.03$. Although the highest price advertisers can set a number of keywords is 0.01$, but from the overall point of view on price 0.01$still not acceptable, because shlf1314 Adwords did a lot of keywords to adjust the minimum price at the same time, advertisers compete in quality resources has always been there.


the two lane road congestion on the road is not smooth, abnormal, the sudden appearance of a section of road, Zhu Xun accelerated speed. We galloped past a small black modern car, near the side, as if parked. For a moment, both the owner and the passenger felt a sensation of vertigo. When the red light came on, Zhu stepped on the brake and smiled and changed another Adele song.

according to research firm JL Warren Capital statistics, in 2016, Tesla sales in China three times the previous year, reaching 10400. Global sales of 80000 vehicles, China accounted for 13%. In March this year, Tesla announced sales revenue in China last year amounted to $1 billion 100 million, Tesla also first among the Fortune 500 list, in 2016 its global total revenue of slightly over $7 billion. But the performance is still growing in Chinese Tesla: from the perspective of the number of three months of 2017 this year, imports, sales doubled as. The main China City, wealthy drivers flocked to Tesla showrooms, pay $1200 for Model the number of buyers in the 3 after the United States customers.

"now head back attached to the pillow," she suggested to me.

Chinese in major city, wealthy drivers flocked to Tesla showrooms, pay $1200 for Model the number of buyers in the 3 after the United States customers.

"the screen is pretty big, isn’t it?" she said, choosing the song on the center console. Tesla’s center console doubled the size of an ordinary car and looked much like iPad. Her fingers light paddling, until the car sounded my love to Adele "". Then Model X gull wing doors quietly closed, the car full view through the glass roof. Zhu served as assistant to the president of a large marketing company, previously opened with his husband is BMW X5, because of China’s traffic chaos, preference SUV bring security, so bought tesla. Zhu is China’s first batch of Model X owners, Tesla did not figure out the amount of money paid when the advance payment.

      shlf1314 is invalid click judgment, including delays, competitors malicious clicks and so on, before it is released on shlf1314, has been improved to ensure the interests of advertisers and publishers. shlf1314’s strategy for invalid clicks is to filter out revenue, that is, you can see the number of clicks in the report, but you can’t see the revenue.

      1; Chinese users received English warning messages on invalid clicks

      is not the same as the standard for judging the price low, some people say that their current price is only 0.5$or 0.1$before 1$or more, in this situation I think needless to say, their registration Adwords to experience you will have a more profound experience. Advertisers are not fools. If you can bring them enough money, they will give you good returns. In the current seller’s market, many beautiful fantasies are unrealistic.

      we look at some phenomena to see shlf1314’s invalid click filter system:

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