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Cao Xiaogang said, "explosion money" popular logic is the same: there is innovation in content, using low-cost social platform to get attention. "Foot note" may not be red for a long time, then how to develop, depends on whether the user will precipitate, the entrepreneurial team can do is to continue to develop."

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2, in the current situation, how do we solve it,

in the last two days in Nanjing, just encountered O2O field, a ten million level of financing has already been a friend of entrepreneurs, and his communication, so I benefited a lot. In particular, his thorough consideration of O2O has updated my usual knowledge. It would have been better if the article had been written by him. But, he says, entrepreneurs should grow as roots. Investment and entrepreneurial environment is generally impetuous in the moment, be able to remain calm and down-to-earth is not easy, especially in the field of O2O and air has got huge financing entrepreneurs can do, is to let people admire. The author with the memory of the points out, and share with you.

so, in essence, offline is not good, but in fact, this part of online is not done enough, that is, information technology is not enough.

life services: customers, merchants, platforms. Complete consumption process is: customers in the platform to obtain information, customers to business consumption, consumer and merchant settlement, platform access to customer’s consumer information and merchant settlement.

, "stay the course and never give up" is Churchill’s dictum that the next step is the key to how to start a company like "explosion". "As a person," said Cao Xiaogang, founder of the "mad guess", "there’s nothing else, just stick to it, stick to it, and stick to it."

O2O this name is somewhat biased, it is mandatory to separate people online and offline two states. More plausible is that people obtain information through the Internet including business information, service information, discounts information, historical evaluation information, customer service information, etc. make consumption decisions, then go to enjoy the service process. So, if you want to cut this process, that should be: decision, consumption + payment + enjoyment of consumption. Offline must be the only one to enjoy the process of consumption. Therefore, O2O is a process state, that is, information is constantly being Internet in the process of an intermediate state.

crazy guess is a 2013 "explosion" products, the original development team only 4 people. Crazy map from April 1, 2013 began to develop, officially launched in May 13th, only in less than 50 days. In just 3 months, Android platform installed more than 40 million. But a year later, few people in the circle of friends played crazy guesses. Since December 28, 2013, crazy guesses have never been renewed. Cao Xiaogang said, "this product will not be updated any more," but this year, we plan to launch "crazy guess 2", the gameplay will change, will be launched in a few months." According to reports, the next crazy guessing team will launch "crazy Lianliankan."".

in the field of life services, at present we have a more consistent view, is to take commission than advertising costs model more reliable, but also easier to do big. Therefore, in many places, BBS is also trying to make a transition. If the user pays for this piece and the platform loses control over the merchant, the charge becomes very difficult. At present we grab, is the decision-making power is the most important to pay this, because if the Internet can provide enough information, and ensure consumer, so it is easy to pay in place to get information i.e., consumer guide to complete online platform. The problem now is that users can not get enough information online, there is not enough security, so afraid to pay online, that is, O2O can not achieve closed loop.

team crazy guess figure, the subsequent development of "crazy guess the song" although not copy the "crazy guess map" of the legend, but at least after red, also launched a lot of "Crazy" products: Crazy money to come, crazy world cup, crazy, crazy, crazy guess and guess the song etc.. Many would die sooner than the team, Cao Xiaogang’s team, at least the sense of existence.

1, when we mention O2O, what are we talking about,

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red is luck, falling is inevitable. But Cao Xiaogang said, "explosion money", for the entrepreneurial team, is finally a new level. "Whether it is 80, 90 or 70, as long as we stick to it, we can succeed."


lead: as a person, "crazy guessing map" founder Cao Xiaogang said: "there is no other, that is, adhere to, adhere to, and then adhere to"

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