Zhou Hongyi became the capital of the slaves were innuendo millet

[TechWeb] reported on December 8th news, 2015 business community conference held in Beijing, in 360 founder and CEO attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech, Zhou Hongyi in his speech without naming criticized millet.


Zhou Hongyi has become the capital of innuendo millet slave

in the week seems to do a great job millet phone and marketing, but they give themselves a high amount of financing, their own back on a heavy burden, it becomes a slave to the capital. From the suitcase to the bag, what to do, which gave HUAWEI a huge opportunity.

for a recent winter capital, in Zhou Hongyi’s view this is just some bad projects to reveal the true features, entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the product itself, if it is a technical content, truly innovative products, is still being sought after by investors.

Zhou Hongyi said the boom of entrepreneurship more heat, more entrepreneurs to calm down, to maintain an appropriate distance, after finish listen to others to have their own time to do their own thinking, to a little force, not enough light to do their own discrimination, or as Dong Shi expressed, lane is bad is handan.

Zhou Hongyi speech for the following part of the content (TechWeb finishing):

a lot of people have talked about the investment in the winter, said the winter is coming. In fact, I didn’t think that I don’t feel good project, he will eventually leak stuffing, typhoon no pigs are killed.

so, I still feel today, for example, some of the more recent projects, such as technical content, the real innovation, is still the hot pursuit of investors.

but we reflect, when there is such a bubble, a lot of people say that coffee coffee in Zhongguancun Street cool, there are people like Deng Feng VC, said he said the original vote, why not vote for me?

so, put forward a few suggestions for entrepreneurs, this is also a lot of entrepreneurs in the past six months to make me feel more confused place.

1. First, I think it is a concept of value, I always said no lack of innovation in the people China, today have a lot of money, but China can become the Silicon Valley as the world real innovation center? I think the external conditions are met, the only missing values. That is why we start today? If we like on the Jobs list, who have more money, whose high net worth, whose market value is high, in this theory, I think the three innovation of entrepreneurs is not supported.

I think you have a feeling of rendering? Every rendering of entrepreneurial heroes, don’t talk about their products, not to talk about their experiences and lessons summed up, who melt into the capital who is the hero, who into high value who regressed, everyone who took more than how much money right now we sought the object, including the assessment of the company, are de >

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