From this moment on, do a good job with me

from this moment on, do a website with me, will you,


I would like to share with you the experience of site building and maintenance.

first make sure what you want to do and determine the theme of the site. Inject spirit and soul into the website.

secondly, to precisely locate the corresponding customer base of the website, why does the website work?. Determine the site block and function.

third, started preparing for the establishment of the station, the process is quite boring, but we will kuzhongzuole, choose an appropriate procedure, make simple procedure to complete the complex functions, create a site with the hands of art appreciation. The art designer is responsible for creating beauty.

fourth, apply for a best domain name in line with the theme of the website, for the record (Ministry of industry and information technology). Note that the domain name should be as short as possible, as much as possible to remember, you can use pinyin or English words.

fifth, looking for server hosting, take full account of the site’s physical device support, from the space, price, server environment and other factors, to find the right server support.

sixth, site testing, after the site is placed on the server, the site is fully tested. Correct any errors that occur and test them again. Until there is no mistake.

seventh, update, maintain, optimize and extend the website. A "dead Web" is not a good place to visit, but the website as a "fresh life"". Website update is "metabolism"".

eighth, collect website customer group feedback, optimize and innovate the website function according to customer demand. Repeat the "supply of things" so that websites can grow fast and grow healthy".

The main purpose of the

website is nothing more than publicity and profitability. The most fundamental criterion for a website is its influence. Sites without influence are not good websites, so from now on, let’s make our websites better and expand our website’s influence.

in the next few days, I will make progress together with everyone. I hope everyone will communicate more and more. I hope our website will become better and better and more and more influential. Please pay attention to our website Chinese merchant alliance, HVAC network new energy network network network (musical instrument accessories attendtion my site is the CN "China" at the beginning, with the first letter of alphabet as the theme. My most satisfied domain name is new energy network, this kind of website is more advantageous to search engine crawl.


wishes our website will be better tomorrow! webmaster looks forward to making progress with you! QQ:863048837


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