To new Adsense website profit model analysis

Internet industry entrepreneurship is a relatively low threshold of the industry, because of the need to cost less to buy the domain name server, the rest is to install the free program, day and night on their own online promotion. But it is also the lower threshold, also attracted many grassroots webmaster to join the entrepreneurial team, new Adsense to pay more than ordinary talent shows itself to energy and capital, the venture investment to involve, also had to make many novice webmaster began to consider profit to website investment subsidies. What a novice webmaster how to profit? Part firstly analyzes seven website profit pattern, but these are large website profit model, which is also a novice webmaster goal, start at the first is to exploit the website; two can use their own resources and experience to profit.

first, model analysis of website profit

(1) online advertising. Advertising should be the standard of all profitable websites, and also the most important profit model at the beginning of Internet profit. From the income structure of the network giant Sina, advertising revenue accounted for 1/3 strong, while some smaller sites are almost purely profitable sites. But not everyone can get advertising resources, especially for novice grass roots sites, making advertising costs more difficult.

(2) mobile multiplication service (SP). SP is China’s Internet industry’s most distinctive profit model, which led to the proliferation of SP company. But SP’s high operating standards basically shut out grassroots stations.

(3) online game. Online games are an industry where you can sleep and earn money. In the shareholders sleep is, players continue to upgrade 24 hours. Internet cafe’s 80% business is driven by the game, the game propped up a grand, NetEase, Sina, portal and game combination, people are highly respected. But the high cost of game development also blocked the grassroots Adsense outside.

(4) charge mailbox. NetEase VIP mailbox sell quite well, although it is now a free email era, but the enterprises in order to enhance the image and stability of e-mail service, more and more tend to use fees, but fees technology and hardware requirements are higher, and is not suitable for the field of grassroots webmaster.

(5) membership fee. Membership dues are a considerable expense for the web site. But there is no value of the site is like no one. Grassroots Adsense site visibility is not enough, registration is not enough, fees can not be mentioned.

(6) information fee. Do better is Huicong nets, their industry information is very complete, and some analysis report is really good. This requires the website information to be complete, analysis to professional, team to enrich.

(7) e-commerce. Now e-commerce sites have been very competitive, several big domestic giants, such as Alibaba, Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang and other competition has been very cruel, the market has been subdivided to no longer be subdivided.


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