Peas finishing Admin5 Adsense network interviews, guests website promotion marketing model

A few days ago

Doug the recent profit model after finishing release site interview guests by the majority of grassroots support and attention, promote the network marketing mode today Doug sorted out for your reference and learning, we hope to help.

web site: local e-commerce platform and portal

Doug: the website has become one of the most popular five B2B e-commerce platforms in China, from the establishment and development to the present. How is it promoted? What is the most effective way to do that?

Li Hu: we are a typical time for space promotion strategy, 6 years grinding sword, not Feng also benefit. Practice has proved that the most effective is our strategy to focus on the needs of users and make the greatest efforts to meet them, this will bring explosive growth, so that we know the credibility of the website, the accumulation of resources, are the users of our trust and support for. You know, not like a real brand bombing type to be VCD, but the accumulation of history form.

real estate network: national real estate home portal

peas: there are many ways to promote the network, such as QQ group, search engines, soft text, traditional media, forums and so on. Then, what are your promotional methods, and have a unique way of self creation?

Dai Yue: in addition you just say the promotion, we have SMS promotion, online website and through the accumulation of existing resources, the accumulation of customers mobile phone number, SMS, let them pay attention to our website according to their actual needs. Baidu encyclopedia, the effect is also OK, we have been doing.

as for the original way, should be to promote the line, we have our "real estate network showings car", the body covered with our own advertising, in Changsha, Xi’an, Hainan have issued their own company’s DM, offering greater volume and the greater the influence of the site. There is that we actively participate in the major room rendezvous and home improvement meeting, do interactive activities at the scene, the dissemination of information, the user targeted, very good results.

Changsha port of information: Changsha local information integrated website

Doug: what are the promotional methods for local portals? What is the main mode of promotion for Changsha information ports?

Shen Xin: we mainly engaged in the line of publicity, such as organizing activities (IT tea party, sodality, webmaster) to do some charity activities in the urban areas, and there is some community and neighborhood cooperation information bar, get some information from the original hand inside. The main aspects of the network are local content, and cooperation with the various portals to do some activities. Of course, SEO has to do something positive.

Panyu community network: Guangzhou District friends gathering, life information website

peas: what is the promotion of Panyu community network? What aspects are you focusing on now? Such as offline activities or cooperation with local traditional media? What are the most effective in practice?


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