One month, the joke king to Baidu first experience

had done a few sites without success, after summing up is the result of several aspects: first, can not adhere to not adhere to the updated every day, just think of it as update; two, the website program is very messy which often think write write functions which function for a long time, no organization structure; three, friendship connection not hastily made several friendship connection for it. Apart from these reasons, there are still many problems.

as a warning for the future, decided to start from a simple station, the final choice from the start joke.

first, the name of the site should be good.

I once thought in "joke", "douniwan" and "classic joke" and so on, finally feel these names are all too common, visitors will have access to after what impression, the name "King jokes" everybody is not strange, because there was a book in a while, we have my impression to the search engine in the word search, it is not called this website, and the word of good, want to see a joke, it’s easy to remember, so I decided to use this name.

secondly, domain names should be easily remembered by

successful website domain name is very simple, easy to remember, I think now want to register a letter less domain name is undoubtedly very difficult, try a lot without success, then I suddenly thought of using Pinyin Xiaohua is not good, check has been registered, but also by xiaohua001 but I think the name is not very easy to remember, trying many times later, to finalize the xiaohua365 domain name, easy to remember, joke 365 days.

then the site’s program should be simple, the structure must be clear,

web site program is too complex, easy to spider away, if you can simplify the program, structure at a glance, is undoubtedly the most popular spider. And it’s better to be close to the W3C standard, as it is generally accepted. Web page description and keywords should be simple but not simple, non keyword stuffing or write complicated. Because the keyword "joke" hot in the search engine, I think it is difficult to place in the short term before, so I pushed the keyword "joke king", the website titled "joke king", at a glance, know that this website is telling jokes.

finally do some proper linking,

After the

website completes, the link is essential, because this is the website start branch, I saved some things, has used a chain amplifier, in less than one day, each search engine has collected several pages.

started to search for "joke king" in Baidu, the first page is not, I think my website called "joke king", after no reason for Baidu in the keyword "joke king" I do not pay attention to this website, so I update the site every day, using the chain amplifier every day, less than a week in >

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