Station master, please don’t be a garbage station

remember there was a time… For… 2 hours to do the collection station, I can help one day earn more than 20$(Adsense is the main income, now click policy, like it was no longer possible.)… Remember every 10 minutes. Only a short while ago increase the collection content, can make this station be included in Baidu IP on tens of thousands of pages, over 10000…… at that time I thought, do stand is to make money, that is rubbish station means…

until the last in Chengdu a webmaster party, let me change the idea. The party was launched in a station in Q Qqun, the group’s main base and my brother is a friend, listen to my brother said to the inside of the group of people are very powerful, some have already had a good books, some it is a large site BOSS. so I am already looking forward to the party is pretty nervous. I arrived early in the morning, we wait until noon, and finally is not a lot of people, perhaps about more than 10. In which I age is the smallest, the owners of the oldest more than 30 years old this year later, we know that he is the Lord, the cat. For me, it was a very short party, because the compulsory class in the afternoon, and one I do not intend to skip class, so I’m going to be a noon dinner went back to school. At the end of the meal at the cat story We all do a self introduction, and speak on their own website. He was mobilized in the how I have not remember, at that time I had only one feeling: I am willing to listen to him, let me feel him in the group’s driving ability and in reality is the same. With this power, we are actively started a self introduction. We start from the older, introduced their name, occupation, age, and then is to talk about their website. Found a very interesting thing, several owners are very shy and introduce themselves, but speak of yourself the site, like for a man, like the speech talking.

The cat is

before doing business, being cheated, the loss of hundreds of thousands, then listen to the advice of friends began to invest in website, now he invested several stations have begun to take shape, is about to enter the investment payback period. Listen, I particularly care about their current income, but do not know why there are few webmaster talk about income. Most of them, is how their station is user identity, created much of the value….. May be too young, money worship is too heavy, I do not care about these things, in my mind, to do is to make money, money is a good website website. Soon, the last turn to me. With the fastest speed to introduce myself, I began to prepare my speech about my collection station. Remember that excited ah, when I talk about income when, I always habitually look at their eyes, and then quietly to meet their vanity. However, when I finished, but not the expected approval of the eyes and applause, but in return is >!

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