Personal webmaster experience summary share my new station log

my new station began less than three weeks before the domain name is used, but I do not know it is good or bad before the history of history, now all the domain name to me, I should try to make him appreciate.

slowly start website publicity and promotion, now already very understand the importance of the chain to a web site. In particular, links, links, for a new station, is not accessible. Should the way all the owners began to grow in the site have encountered such a thing, is that all PR sites are not willing to tell you the link, then all is collected by Baidu station will ignore those who are not included in Baidu station. These are not to remind the owners took the first step when the bitterness of history…

in the small station promotion process, I know a lot of the webmaster of each website, can say that what they say is basically useful to me, and I also slowly see the way ahead.

In the first week of the

website, I began posting posts on various forums, and Baidu knew it was beginning with my footprint. Gathered a few newly established similar games station link, but later let me off. Feel linked to do with them do not do what two, feeling a new link is very hard, so began to buy links, hundreds of dollars to buy all of PR4+, but can not see any effect. Also look at the website log, see Baidu spider, see the HTML status code later. But that love around spider is not as bad as I thought, just to robots.txt index.html with two place to climb, so every day. There is also worth noting that Baidu second days actually gave me two pages, but to the third day, bye bye. Up to now。


website for second weeks, continue in each forum, finally know the same website link will be more dangerous not to delete. Baidu knows it’s been two days without links to the same web site, so look for another destination. For Baidu spider, I have no words, and continue to climb his robots.txt and index.html. This time, Google has been included more than 3000+, Baidu still did not respond……

site for third weeks, that is, this week. Posting is what I have to do every day, and I’m getting used to it. At this point, Baidu still did not respond, but the spider began to crawl my picture file. Google has included 4000+ at this time. I just want to give me a surprise in the next few days.

again thanks to a station to the station’s friendship support, when I was not included in the Baidu, this station began to do my friendship link. Maybe the webmaster should add some friendship like this. We should also learn to be grateful to society, to all those who help ourselves.

my new station:

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