O2O Spring Festival staged empty city takeaway delivery door-to-door service fees soared almost stag

Spring Festival is the family reunion day, also is such a deep wide north foreign population of the city is "empty". Whether it is domestic or takeout, taxi, on weekdays, people rely on for O2O service, during the Spring Festival encounter "out of stock".

claims to be able to change the service industry O2O companies, but also can not stop the loss of a large area of service personnel. Behind the migration of large population, the city is almost paralyzed during the Spring Festival Service industry. Lost the foundation of the line, O2O companies in the big city is facing a severe test.

takeaway delivery costs soared almost stagnant home service


a few days before the Spring Festival, many small restaurants in Beijing have closed some shopquot even in the twenty days before the Spring Festival has come home.

This allows a high degree of popularity of

takeaway O2O was strongly influenced by the challenge, in some takeaway platform, businesses have closed, some provide takeout restaurant is generally increased from delivery price or delivery costs.

According to Tencent

technology, U.S., hungry, Baidu takeaway takeaway platform to maintain the basic state of business during the Spring Festival, but most of the platform self delivery team, some part-time staff have left the basic distribution.

a takeaway platform responsible person said, during the Spring Festival holiday the platform delivery personnel on duty, the number of delivery staff at the same time on weekdays only 1/3. Weekdays supper can be sent to 12 points, in recent days the platform adjusted to only sent to 10 o’clock in the evening."

in fact, in addition to the number of distribution staff to reduce the number of restaurants to provide food is also significantly reduced. Due to the large number of migrant labor, many small and medium-sized restaurant closing.

if you order during the Spring Festival, you will find a lot of businesses on the takeaway platform has shown rest state. Part of the business did not suspend the service by raising the cost of delivery or delivery costs to improve the point of the meal, some small restaurants and even from the daily delivery of a dozen yuan rose to tens of dollars.

In order to avoid the

distribution services affected, beauty group comments said during the Spring Festival in the U.S. city will maintain the operation, the seven day of the new year is expected to 50 thousand riders on duty every day, new year’s day on duty riders up to 30 thousand people.

and takeaway platform similar, home economics and other home O2O services because of a large number of service personnel to return home, but also almost stagnant.

According to Tencent

science and technology understanding, e home cleaning in January 16th -1 month 23 days, February 6th -2 month 12 days period, home cleaning services from the original 30 yuan per hour to 60 yuan per hour, part of the city is from the original 35 yuan per hour to 70 yuan per hour.

In addition to the price of

, e home Jie said in January 16th -2 month 12 days, home cleaning additional task orders to suspend service, and in the period of -2 months of January 24th to 5, all

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