Search engines. How do you define high quality pages

we say that a person is very beautiful. May the evaluation is this person’s appearance looks very good;

we say that he is a good man, and that he may be able to help others with his daily selfless devotion;

these are visible to our naked eyes, intuitive. Well, how does a search engine define a page for good or bad?

so far, we all know that the search engine is through the spider crawling the page content, after all, the spider is just a program, it is not like people appreciate the author’s wit, to experience the author write this article mood. More unclear whether the above picture is beautiful or ugly eight strange. So, how do you differentiate the search engines from the rich and colorful articles,


now many webmaster can say we want to hit the high quality page now, so the search engines, you know how the page is high quality page search engine definition? If you don’t understand, what is the high quality page? Rely on search engines to get dinner, involuntarily. You can’t play by yourself……

spider is just a program, and can not directly judge a page of good and bad, then search engines to determine high-quality pages, how is it?

1, judge the original;

2, judge the value of

3, judge propagation acceptance

judge Original:

Although the

search engine to determine the original is not perfect, sometimes it is their own original content, can be high weight site acquisition it into his original content, extremely helpless! But the original content screening work, either now or in the future is the most important technology of search engine chips, Internet information content is too large to search the engine will directly from this step to filter out a large number of low quality junk page does not meet the requirements, to reduce the burden of his.

judgment value:

spider is just a program that can’t directly judge the good or bad of the page, so it can only be judged by the user’s behavior data. The so-called value is not only the user’s experience score. The search engine judges the user experience through the user’s search click rate, bounce rate, stay time, access depth and other feedback information. Of course, these are not limited to, for example, a page defines a title, then the content is launched around this title, if the content inside the text, then whether to define the attributes of pictures, these details can direct feedback in value.

judgment propagation and recognition


is a citation statistics for quality content identified by Baidu, such as Baidu’s favorite features, and some algorithms for ranking tweaks based on click through rates

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