n depth analysis of small game sites why so popular

webmaster Hello, this can be said that the rapid development of small game website of the year, with the continuous development of the Internet and the popularity of the game website is a hot topic in many games, refers to all the smaller, play a relatively simple game, because the game has too many features, not involved copyright, traffic, advertising benefits etc..

therefore should be the webmaster of the site of the preferred content, in addition to play small game can also exercise mind. But how to do? What should I do? Really puzzling many plans to station, here, the author summarizes the establishment of idea of small game site, if you want to do a small game site to a friend, take a serious look at, hope you can be inspired.

to be honest, in my opinion, small game sites are definitely a very sunny market. "A lot of people don’t really want to spend a lot of energy playing those big games at work or in their spare time. It’s a very good entertainment platform. The market has a bright future.

these days are relatively idle, suddenly found on the network playing small game more people, what is the reason for the game so popular? My summary is as follows:

in the network today, play games have become the main way for netizens online, in many types of games, which is the most Internet users love it, so I have done in the street yesterday random sampling survey.

survey, I found that college students generally like role-playing and competitive games, middle-aged people prefer chess, leisure games, while most young workers like online interactive games.

, for example, 6949 games, although it is a small game site, but many of its small game above is indeed the reason why many users like it. Such as happy farm, parking spaces, happy kitchen and other small games, both simple and fun, not waste time. Netizens said: "when I come home from work, open the 6949 little game site, and friends exchange a few words, and then grab parking spaces, steal some radish, while friends in his bed, ha ha, a day of work pressure is reduced by half, and then look at the writing mood for people to share it every day it would be a lot easier to keep a good mood"

large online games in which to achieve high level, get good equipment, you need to invest a lot of time and money. Although chess game is easy, but win, also lose, how much will affect mood, and 6949 of these small games not only do not spend money, do not take up time. Just like happy farm, all you have to do is to sow seeds in the geography. The rest is the joy of waiting for the harvest. When you are free, you can weed, irrigate and go to your friend’s place, and you can make some extra money. This is a good way to relax for busy office workers.

in fact, not so much as www.6949.com is a place to play small games, rather than a place to entertain with friends. < >

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