Chinese style and monopoly advantage of e-commerce

in the domestic and global stock markets are very careful today, Ali is reported with excellent results to find everything fresh and new feeling. I see from the report, compared with the global resources, network, China manufacturing network and other competitors, regardless of the number of registered members, paid membership, or the enterprise operation index growth and the expected goal of a breakthrough on the Ali occupy absolute advantage. How does this advantage come into being,


non administrative, non resource based, monopolistic nature created by a competitive market has an inherent advantage. This is not only from Microsoft’s position in the software industry, Motorola’s position in the wireless communications industry, and Intel’s position in the chip industry, have been fully verified. And the property of school representatives, American economist Harold Demsetz also said that the specialized division of labor not only like "Smith theorem" that improve the productivity, but also prevent a sharp rise in the marginal cost; and because the information may not be cost free, so free competition will inevitably lead to the tilt of the industrial structure, but also means that forgery and imitation activities blocked; it is beneficial to form the expansion of business scale and market monopoly.

is precisely this competitive market formed with a strong advantage of monopoly, formed in Ali 08 reported far ahead of global resources and other competitors. For investors, such a report is undoubtedly a stimulant in the doldrums.

The Lucas model of the

economic cycle argues that the initial cause of economic fluctuations is the currency shock. Observation of recent domestic macroeconomic tight monetary policy and credit crisis, recession contact the international real estate market and consumer market, we can easily understand why Ma, to predict an economic winter and small and medium-sized enterprises, especially export-oriented manufacturing enterprises difficult survival period.

, and e-commerce has created a whole new market area. From its birth to today, the entire development process, Ali not only occupies a pivotal position, but also in the process of globalization of e-commerce, contributed to a Chinese model and Chinese style. "Alone, as the Lele", "first and worry about the world, after the world music, these are the traditional virtues of the China Chinese refined manners. Ali know this, so in a bleak economic winter, and always choose the customers of small and medium sized enterprises and foreign clients and customers.

in fact, e-commerce has natural advantages to deal with economic difficulties. Since the 90s of last century, the world economy has become more and more mobile. Economic globalization has become the basic characteristics of the world economic development, and e-commerce has played an increasingly important role in the global economy. As we all know, the economic environment of the greater scale, anti risk capability and combat is more strong, which is why the Asian financial crisis of 98 years did not shake the root cause China economy; as e-commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises provide a strong environmental power and industrial integration ability, can be.

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