Analysis now individual stationmaster, what kind of website can you still have


since 2009, great changes have taken place in the network environment, rely on garbage site brush flow, on the human body art website advertising, making the flow by walking a fine line, now the site has very little chance of survival. Record to know real name authentication, CN domain name, individual may not register, and so on, normative behavior gradually perfect, plus Baidu and other search engine algorithms continue to improve, the site by flow to make money has been quite difficult. However, the individual station continues the previous site type, or there are new owners to join in doing, and can be divided into the following types:

talk about movie websites and music websites first. It’s easy to develop and easy to make money. You have to add content all day and add more programs. Indeed, you can play online, traffic is coming. If you do free movie station, basically less than half a year, you can accumulate a lot of users. But movie stations also have high bandwidth requirements. The website is full of pop everywhere, everywhere is dazzling advertisement, although so, a lot of stationmaster still earn a lot of money by advertisement alliance. Now, the state has a relatively tight grip on copyright protection, and the crackdown on piracy is becoming more and more ruthless. It’s not a long story. Really want to get up, relying on members of the profits, but also really profitable. It depends on your ability. Most of the movie stations are thieves procedures, and some acquisition Youku, 56, potatoes, etc., resulting in the search engine does not include the situation has occurred. This has already indicated that the present movie station is not good.

say again beautiful picture station, is more appropriate personal Adsense to do. Customers need large space, virtual server VPS can do, so the cost is increased a lot, do human art, now can not be done, otherwise you can direct your space business host! So now do a photo station must do regular pictures, do not have what the dew point. The picture station usually has no fixed users, unless you are a professional material type picture, the picture station traffic is mostly from the search engine. Don’t play ball, after all, now is not the previous network environment, not for the record can do the times in the past, now must be real name authentication! Moreover, the picture is a collection of resources long work, do you have the patience, instead of going directly to the store to buy a Taobao station picture program.

, as well as the novel station, the flow of the novel station is mainly due to search engines, and now mainly rely on Baidu. Do not do SEO optimization, do not cheat, by ordinary means of promotion is really too difficult, in case the site is K, you have to re start, no flow of the novel station is a waste station. There is a problem, the contents of the novel come from there? Did you write? Is too much out of it, you must say to collection, you must know, now most of acquisition station down, acquisition station die! Now estimated personal novel station, the original novel almost no? No one the author love in a small website. Now, if it’s a mobile phone Story Download Station, it’s still promising, because it’s a 3G Era

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