Analysis of the development trend and operation strategy of navigation station in recent years

The function of

navigation station is self-evident, it is to guide the user to enter the traffic entrance of his intention website, navigation station also is the early form of Internet actually. When the Internet website founder YAHOO just formed, but also to the site classification navigation form, also is one kind of navigation station, only then gradually developed into search and portal and other products; we can even say that the Internet is starting from the navigation station.

The emergence of the

navigation station has been around for nearly twenty years, and in fact it is very close to the age of the internet. Like the Internet, the navigation stations have changed dramatically. Here I simply inventory these years of navigation station development:

phase 1, simple text tracking navigation. At this time the development of Internet technology is still in the initial stage, then HTML might have been thought to be very high-end technology, because at that time only a very few people can use the computer, of course, the navigation station did not even use PHP dynamic script language such words to drive. For example, YAHOO early and Amazon Web Directory, and of course these sites also follow got corresponding development, such as a few years ago Amazon was also China directory but is still a webmaster attention, manual editing.

The second phase of

has the navigation of intelligent fill in forms. After entering twenty-first Century, the Internet has been a great development in the last century in 90s there have been some sites, such as Tencent, Alibaba, NetEase, of course, now these sites have become Internet giants. So many people began to enter the Internet, the typical representative of this time is Li Xingping, a grassroots created a legendary website, hao123 navigation. Maybe everyone says that this is his insight into the needs of the user, and I think not only his personal factors, but also learn from the existing patterns abroad. Of course, at the beginning it was the simple way to trace text, and later, in order to get bigger development, there was a form that could only be filled.

In the third phase of

, the number of large-scale surge, diversification of forms. May be related to our traditional culture, see people doing this thing well, began to imitate, so after hao123 success of these sites with tens of thousands of people began to imitate this model also set up their own navigation website. Maybe it’s because copying a website is very simple, but it’s not so easy to copy others’ success. Many websites don’t exist anymore. But it is undeniable that these sites have greatly promoted the development of the Internet, such as Baidu’s rapid development is inseparable from these sites. Later, there are more of this type, no longer integrated site navigation, but also appeared, such as web directory, industry station navigation, etc., and even classification information is also a navigation.

fourth stage, the content is very rich, force the mobile internet. In fact, the development of the Internet in line with the 28 principles, that is, 20% of the site’s traffic accounted for 80% of the total, but real >

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