Do a few days B2C clothing website feel

want to break a business on the Internet, but like many novice webmaster are facing the same problem, what kind of website can make money, in order to draw the conclusion, I am every day to Admin5, such as webmaster nets see article, I have seen almost every article published last. Admin5 determined to do a clothing B2C website, a PowerEasy procedures hard got 3 also get success. Finally the website took 350+64 ocean bought the domain name and space, Ruili Women’s clothing nets finally on the line, not my music was almost fainted, but this is the first fruits of their ah. The confidence of decision in accordance with the original idea to buy connection, buy traffic, jjpm do a series of promotion, that can be carried out smoothly to the site to do it, but it is not so easy as you think. Buy and buy traffic connection, Do spend thousands of even a large orders are not completely let me down. I want to do this kind of website friends a little advice: be careful walking, do

failure is the mother of success, first I will make a brief analysis of the reasons for failure:

positioning failure: Although the garment industry is fire, but difficult to do, if I want to continue to do B2C website I decided not to pick fire goods, I would choose the winner, the price is high, made just one year of living expenses. Such as selling large mechanical equipment, of course, you have the goods source.

promotion failed: too blind to do promotion, not a set of feasible promotion plan, how to promote it to see what others say, how to promote, you must analyze your website, not all are suitable for their own promotion website, I like to do CPS promotion, do not a little effect, because you are the new didn’t believe you not to be on your site to spend too much now is a liar, people are afraid of being fooled. Unless you have a station known to do CPS have


deceived: now a lot of selling traffic are crooks, just beginning to tell you that we how strict, how to prevent click fraud, say you bought it as if it were raining flowers, know almost no one effective click, is full of fucking cheat click, a traffic statistics analysis on the look out. Each IP can only visit a page – home. Stay basically a few seconds to tens of seconds. Suggest that you buy traffic must try.

, now I’m having a headache on this website. I hope I can have some experts to give my advice. I’m QQ:371867

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