How does individual stationmaster make good use of Taobao

the economic crisis is getting worse, and the people who shop in Taobao are getting more and more, and the competition in Taobao is becoming more and more brutal. As a personal webmaster, how to make good use of Taobao, do a solid station?

webmaster circles have too much to do dumpster, acquisition station, every day they drove the train, often hundreds of thousands of "storage, good luck to use Baidu Search included N, then at Adsense income delighted; bad luck, ZhengZhan be K or pull hair, depressed for a while, then open the train. I mean, webmaster, why don’t we make good use of Taobao and get advertising revenue from thousands of dispensers in Taobao?

I have the honor and stationmaster net responsible person talked in 08 years, I was very confused, because after learning website but do not know what to do stand, so to find their QQ, to ask him. He gave me the answer: do recreational or industrial station. He went on to say, entertainment flow easily difficult to make money, industry station flow difficult money good earn.

Taobao online products large and small, large and small classification, each is an industry, a product. As long as we find ourselves more familiar with a product, or industry, seriously do a station, even if traffic is only 500IP per day, it will be better than Adsense to make money. Why? Because we can sell the ads directly to Taobao’s dispensers.

I’m not kidding or purely theoretical. Let’s look at an example. Cheongsam is one of our traditional garments, and many businessmen on Taobao are selling it. Well, you search Google or Baidu in the word "cheongsam", found no, most of the independent B2C station or company enterprise station, but there is one, not, this is the allure. This is a information community website about cheongsam, ranking very well. You look at each section of the station, is not there a bit of advertising, like cheongsam socialite, is Xinyu cheongsam Taobao store advertising. If you look at his ad plan again, the price is not very expensive, but it adds up to a considerable amount, much better than a dumpster and a collection station. The key is that you do the industry products station, station, you can increase the industry or a product to understand, as long as you have the chance, you can also open a shop selling the product in Taobao, then you stop advertising to sell their, not embarked on a good way to sell advertising and selling. The product of


this article mainly provides a train of thought for stationmaster, hoped can give the general stationmaster some enlightenment. Make good use of Taobao, and maybe you’ll make a fortune. Just as the people who flocked to the west of the United States were not rich, the man who sold the jeans really escaped the gold.

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