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yesterday, another friend added my Q, asking about how to get a station to flow quickly. I am sorry to tell him that it is impractical and difficult to flow quickly. He was so depressed that he seemed to blame me. Since I couldn’t bring him any traffic, why should I write an article to guide the novice?

in fact, every time I talk about, the old Wei wrote these things, not as a tutorial to publish, but in their own station in some of the experience, write every day to share with you. If you really can help some novice webmaster less wrong, I also want to see, A5 is to provide such a platform intention. In view of the fact that some friends want to get fast flow, so today I will then talk about how to make a website quickly and effectively increase the chain, so as to improve the site in the engine performance, engine weight increase, which means the increase in flow. It may not be very professional, but please forgive me,


anti chain, namely "reverse link" means, generally is put aside your own website, on the external network, how many other sites link to your page, you mean. General Baidu inquires the reverse link command is: domain: domain name, Google query reverse link command is: link: domain name. Because Google and Baidu on the actual assessment of the number of anti chain is not very accurate, so the webmaster to YAHOO Webmaster Tools "in a number of chain to the address of the page" option shown as the actual chain number is YAHOO, the number of anti chain chain queries to your site, both have the actual reverse link number.

The role of

reverse chaining. The most obvious function of reverse chaining is both import of traffic. When you have an address link on the page of someone else’s website, the user is likely to have interest and click, resulting in traffic. Another role of the reverse link is to enhance the weight of the site in the engine, a new station on the line, if not a certain scale of high-quality anti chain, it is difficult to be included in a short period of time. Not included, there is no natural flow, so any webmaster can not ignore the chain in the process of building the practical significance.

station, station, station all flow and optimize the station, you can try to through the webmaster tools to check the number of backlinks to each other, are certainly thousands, tens of thousands. That’s right, so check your own web site will find what the difference? Is not only poor dozens or even several? Not wrong, in fact this is many webmaster site for a long time, but not all kinds of large-scale engine update your own website, even if the update does not cause to flow. So, how can we build a huge, high-quality anti chain system while building the content of the website? Please listen to the following points:

1, the chain construction is actually very simple, as long as you can be simple to place, you can leave your address. Whether on the Internet to browse to what place, achieve "a name", is to reverse the construction of the chain.

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