The company in 2014 fall ladder subnet well nets, Fantong, tick group

compared to before two was raging like a storm in the past two years, O2O was a major reshuffle in early 2010, the first surviving restaurant reservation service of Fantong is that thousands of war, although escaped the moment after the wind and rain, the road is more and more difficult to walk.

A flurry of

online education

online education market in the first half of 2014 there have been frequent moves, VCs seemed the phase of the online education investment of this big cake, get together: Baidu invested millions of dollars Wanxue education, ape exam C $15 million round of financing. By September 2014, the number of online education companies that had invested had reached more than 60.

however, the fast wind seems to be coming and going fast. There are dozens of online educational platforms in the course of the year. "The death list", the most short-lived, survived for only 3 months. One of the most typical to the number of failures of Gong Haiyan.

in December 2012, resigned from the post of CEO Jiayuan, catch up with online education venture tide, Gong Haiyan has created an online English training site 91 teacher networks, and the K12 online education platform ladder network and well network.

ladder network and the good network launched in less than a year in September 2014 failed to declare, and 91 foreign teachers finally also in January 2015 by 51talk acquisition.

In an internal email from Gong Xiaoyan to all employees,

summed up his failure as a long line of Gong Haiyan.

"given me two entrepreneurs aggressive too optimistic, front too, spent a few months ago that the company financing, I have been using their own funds to support the company operation. At present, the company’s front is not suitable for our start-up companies, I think we should shrink the front, concentrate on possible projects. "


industry is that, in fact K12 online education collapse case isn’t surprising, but as time goes on, there will be more and more K12 online education programs were eliminated in the market reshuffle out.

Lv Senlin Dean

Internet Research Institute of education that "K12 online is a very high requirement of industry enterprise funds, industry contacts, content resources, technology platform, sales channels are" Internet companies to enter the field, do not pay tuition is not possible". "

."The debacle of the

ladder network and the good network may be the harbinger of the bursting of the domestic online education industry bubble. For professional online education platforms, most of them can not escape the fate of bankruptcy. Bo (name + education network), logistics, chalk network, learning English hotline, bug…… There has also been a spate of closures, and most websites have closed and stopped operations. At present, most of the online education companies still rely mainly on financing, and rarely make profits.

P2P platform: run away but also to fight the speed "

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