Talk about Five, Five, no

, my brother is polite. Dear brothers and sisters, I spent a few built applications, from a lot of insights and shallow experience and want to share with you, if there is not enough hope you brothers and sisters back.

1, the content of the site should be realistic, if your website content is boring, users do not need it, then I dare say that your site is a failure. Although you can burn money like to splurge to promote your website, but you must not for a long time, the faithful "FANS". Instead of doing that, it’s better to use your money to build it on your website. It enriches the content of the website and gives you a sense of professionalism. It brings you a large number of "steel wires". Why not?


2, and many other sites to exchange links, and more sites must be more than exchange links Oh, no matter how many external connections, it may affect the value of RP oh. The higher the value of RP, there will be more and more webmaster to find you do connection ah, your website popularity is also more and more big. Besides, clicking on an external friendship connection may bring you a long-term customer.

3, we should learn from each other, and constantly improve. Instead of crowding out similar websites, it is better to absorb the advantages of its website and correct common shortcomings. To make your site a tiger with wings added in the same site, stand head and shoulders above others


4, be good at analyzing the site visit group suggest that you go to apply for a construction site after the end of Taiji chain statistics. Every day you squeeze out a small amount of time and surf the web to look at the statistics of the day. A careful analysis of the main visiting and access time, and get a little inspiration, think about your site visit which age group is the main person, how to improve, to better serve the people! I believe that every day you analyze and improve your site traffic will rise, rise, rise of


5, every day to maintain a good attitude, regardless of your site traffic is high or low, we must maintain a good attitude every day. Reasonable arrangements for Internet time, do not make the site as the main industry, indulge in it. Because you are not a commercial site, a small personal website, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the traffic all day long? Ha ha ~ ~ as well as I like to entertain themselves, in reality, why should go?.

6, don’t expect the website to be too outdated. "The higher the expectation, the more disappointment you will have."." Do not overestimate the strength of your website or expect too much of the site traffic during the station. Because no matter how good your website is, and how strong it is, you can’t get the approval of everyone. Then your expectation will always be expected. Instead, you can get better results than expected by treating your web site with your usual mind and with a "self entertainment" attitude.

7, do not blindly follow don’t look now there are many music websites or web site navigation is rich in content and layout is powerful, but its traffic has not reached its real value. Why? ~~> First impressions are strongest.

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