Wang Jian how should the enterprise website be popularized

website promotion, as its name suggests, is to let more people know your website. With the development of the Internet, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises have set up their own websites. But for various reasons, the effect of website promotion is not ideal. How to break through the bottleneck of enterprise website promotion difficulty? The author today on this issue and we discuss.

enterprises in the promotion of the site should be combined with their own circumstances, the site itself and the entire market planning, and to develop practical web site promotion integrated solutions. For example, the relevant data collection and statistics, the company’s own products and industry status analysis and so on. To find accurate users, each visitor into loyal customers. Specific promotion methods are as follows.

1, do a good job enterprise own website search engine optimization, make the website keywords have good ranking. After the completion of the construction site, to Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other well-known search engines submit websites. And regularly log in at home and abroad directory site. These collections often take some time.

two, pay with search engine promotion. After purchasing the service, the enterprise will be the first to appear in the corresponding search results by registering a certain number of keywords. This will bring a lot of accurate customers to the enterprise.

three, forum promotion. Log on the relevant theme website every day for a scheduled post. Select good material, and combine enterprise products, and then go to the relevant popular edition area posted propaganda. Although very hard, but the effect is more obvious.

four, blog promotion. Don’t neglect this kind of promotion. Now many people buy products before they will understand the product, compare the difference between products, looking for the most suitable for their products. Businesses regularly build their own blogs and release their own product information. This can be effective for " intercepting " users.

five, the use of knowledge hall, question and answer system propaganda. Enterprise can through the YAHOO knowledge hall, Baidu, YAHOO, Soso Ask the quiz website to answer, attract the attention of users, and access to the site.

six, the use of chat tools to promote. The common practice is to join some related QQ groups every day and release some information about your products.

seven, using mail for promotion. Email is one of the most effective methods of network licensing marketing. The enterprise sends email to the website registrant regularly, mail should include the newest product information of the company, promotion information. At the same time, you can also invite users to evaluate their products.

eight, do good friendship link. Regularly exchange links with similar websites to increase the number of backlinks and PR values of your site. Join the link League at the same time, increase the exposure rate of the website.

nine, soft Wen promotion. This kind of publicity is very good. Enterprises can stand to the user and industry point of view to write soft text, as much as possible to allow a variety of websites reprinted.

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