Pie designer point of view good website design blooming from tangled

Hello, I’m Qi Qi’s web designer, ken. I have been working on Web Design for nearly six years, and in six years I have designed fewer than a few hundred websites. In the meantime, regardless of the size of the site project, I devoted to the design of love and dedication. With my continuous accumulation of design experience, more and more found that the design of the site all the time and tangled together. Because the design is interlinked, so I believe that all those engaged in design work should have the same feeling as I do. Tangled up, then tangled,

one, tangled in the strategic layer of the site positioning

site design itself is a high degree of integration of the project. Website co-ordination, website planning, website design, page making, programming, website testing, website operation, if you want to make a website professional, you must take every process seriously. As a web designer, a good web designer, want to put his own work (Web Design) well, not only just closed their turf. You also need to know something about the development process of an up and down project, and even need to know the strategic level of building a website. Only in this way, your design can really fit the net construction project, and it can be applied to the real purpose of website construction. It’s not easy to do that. This requires experience and requires a high level of awareness. And this in itself is also a tangled point. What is the function of the website, what is the orientation of the audience of the website, what is the direction of the development of the latter stage of the website, etc.. As long as the accurate positioning of the site, the strategic layer, in order to accurately design the entire site. Ancient cloud: do not seek the overall situation, not seeking a domain; that is the reason.

two, tangled in the main web site planning and design

The main site planning and design called

, refers to the clear website function flow and page structure, need to integrate the planning and design of the entire station. For example: what elements of your web site is the same, which is the common elements of each page, need to run through the entire station. What elements need to be designed individually for a particular column or page?. These need to be clearly positioned for the elements. If you want to achieve accurate, in addition to their own understanding and understanding, but also with the project site planning staff to communicate, perfect.

three, tangled in the site’s specific performance.

The work in front of

is finished, and the web design begins later. If the previous entanglements are limited. And this link is tangled, can be described as the ultimate tangled.


design itself is abstract, and it is not specific. As the Alibaba’s design director said, "it requires emotional thinking to do rational work.". It’s important to begin with, and it’s better to complete your home page design at once, of course, which requires inspiration and a little luck. If you can’t locate the design frame of your home page at first, it means you’ve opened the page of the web design project early. Because you’re going to try second, and for a long time to design at a design point

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