Pat micro shop opening process and other related issues summary

electricity supplier booming today, so that more people see the huge demand and potential of the Chinese market, large and all electronic business platform in a few large enterprises near monopoly situation, it is quite difficult to do. For individual businesses, now is no longer with the platform size selection conditions for the most important, it is increasingly clear, in the homogenization of products flooded today, choose their own, the development of space, and the platform can give full play to the potential of personalized marketing is preferred.

now go back and bring pat, pat micro shop, struggling in the edge of the Taobao seller a hope, to the micro business recently in one direction, because they don’t need to worry about traffic every day, do not need to worry too much in the brush circle of friends was the screen.

Wang recently has also been concerned about the dynamic of the micro shop. To elaborate on the current understanding of the case.

first of all, we are most concerned about what the micro shop is, how to open or stay,


pat micro shop, that is based on the mobile terminal micro shop. Jingdong pat Network is an important business platform, individuals and businesses can open occupancy. The straight white dot is another Taobao, where individuals and businesses can register and check in.

how to stay? I simply said that, first of all, you need to register a pat pat shop, then WeChat will automatically open payment and micro shop, in this way, you can pat micro shop decoration. If this step is good, that is too underestimate pat micro shop, the main or pat micro shop can bind WeChat public, what it means to bind WeChat public? Means your customers to buy one, you become a public number of fans, as long as you don’t cancel the attention that the customer is permanent, not like Taobao, every day to the drainage.

so, after you’ve signed up the pat shop, you need to register a WeChat public number, preferably the service number, because there will be a lot of things later, and the service number will be more perfect. Service number is required enterprise qualification, or individual industrial and commercial households can register. No qualifications, this does not matter, pat can be agent.

this is a simple pat shop registration process, the current micro shop is not very perfect, there are many problems. So, I’ll send you some links. Let’s have a closer look. If there are some do not understand, you can reply directly, I will be unified to everyone answer!


1, register pat micro shop process:

2, pat micro shop problem summary:>

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