How much is the prime minister’s creation of a passenger

Li Keqiang visited Shenzhen firewood record passenger space yesterday is Youth Day, Prime Minister Li Keqiang to Tsinghua record passenger reply, "there is a chance that I will go to see you," for "will be more positive policy".


a group of ordinary college students with the creation of the title, by the prime minister’s attention. Who are these "creative" people? How far are their ideas from our lives? Can they change our lives?

"create a guest" is a group of people?

"creates a guest" this word comes from English word Hacker/Maker, it is the person that tries to change all sorts of ideas into reality. According to Tsinghua "create" Space Association of WeChat public number, the creation of a "creative" word contains three layers of meaning: innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship.

September 2013, Tsinghua create a guest space Association established. Tsinghua Campus Based Industrial Training Center, 15 thousand square meters of space, "off the record" who can use hundreds of lathes, milling machines and machine tools, 3D printers and other equipment, the brain’s ideas into real products.

if you think "off the record" is a group of science and engineering Indoorsman, that’s wrong. Tsinghua hit off space includes from 29 different majors, accounting for most of the Academy of fine arts, School of economics and management and electronic students, which also lack the psychology department, Department of journalism, the law faculties of Arts students.

Tsinghua hackerspaces according to the dean’s office of Tsinghua University deputy director Sun Hongbin introduced, this year the Li Zhaoji Tsinghua Science and technology building, will set the country and the world’s largest university maxspace, the school hopes to build a library like, like the cafeteria, students cannot do without ".


"create a guest" what products do you use?

hit the word into the public view of the time is not long. According to media reports, November 2014, Premier Li Keqiang attended the meeting and the Internet have a large coffee in Hangzhou forum, first proposed the "creation" concept. Li Keqiang once said "off the record", "the creation fully demonstrated the vitality and innovation of public entrepreneurship. This vitality and creativity, will become China’s future economic growth engine".

January 2015, Li Keqiang visits Shenzhen firewood record passenger space. This is the first time Li Keqiang personally support creating career development. March 2015, two of the country, the development of a passenger was written in the government work report.

"create" time is not long, but their products have entered our lives. Maybe you didn’t care, but these products are changing our lives.

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