The T-shirt business is hot half Kuangzhuan ten

in fact, this society is not a lack of entrepreneurship, many people are starting from a small business, and slowly accumulated experience, to achieve a great cause. The music T-shirt contains huge business opportunities to entrepreneurs bring huge profits, then to share a story about t build up the family fortunes.

hanging on the wall to hear the music will follow the rhythm of the flashing pattern "music T-shirt"; the cabinet stood on the ringing everywhere will let you catch "run", also can not catch the small alarm clock…… Kong Lingbo walked into the open in the North East resources in this less than 30 square meters of "creative studio", as if into a little fairy kingdom. "These products look fantastic, but they are all made using existing technology, and the difference is only in the first place." Kong Lingbo fiddled with the product on the table.

Before the general manager of

2006, a small 3 years worked as a secretary of the Communist Youth League to resign its own information technology company. At that time the company has just started, only 100 thousand yuan on the development of funds. In order to save, I set up a company with the company ‘s profit of less than 1 million yuan, we can only get a salary of $1000 agreement." Small hole, I am afraid that I am one of the few monthly salary of 1000 yuan, general manager".

ideas, practical road is not simple. In order to find inexpensive T-shirts supplier, Kong Lingbo bus ride to the south ring outside the old palace town, and wholesale T-shirts merchants who, one to talk about the price. After all, limited funds, have to fight for less money for greater benefits." Hard work is not in vain, the hole of the "music T-shirt" once launched, it is favored by the bar and concert organizers. In the second half of last year, we have sold more than 1 thousand pieces, each priced at more than $100, with a total sales of more than 100 thousand yuan. As for the cost, less than 1/3 of the price!" Kong Lingbo said with a smile.

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