Learn these four strokes easily doubled performance

after the new year, the major shopping malls no longer have a crowd of people, so when the daily traffic is no longer increasing or even falling, how can we improve sales? How to improve customer unit price? Joint sales.

A, don’t let go of 4 kinds of joint sales time input

1, when the customer selects a piece of jewelry, the reason is very simple, jewelry is the need to match with the clothes, the initiative for the enthusiasm of the guests with a service.

2, a sales promotion activities; this is the promotion of the guests (buy) joint sales is one of the most important incentives, a timely reminder of the guests with excited tone: now or never.

3, the new season of goods; whether the new season goods or new goods, it is necessary for us to introduce to the guests when the joint sales, as in KFC single ended, cashier Miss encourages us to try the new " " wing; matchless sword; and I saw one eye it is the desire to try.

4, guests and friends (Tong Ban) shopping together; in the course of recommending and introducing the goods, it is unwise to ignore the feelings of the guest, Tong Ban. Smart sales staff not only know how to please his companions, while at the right time to encourage him (she) also try, idle is idle, which is a common joint sales.

6 joint sales two, often use the way of

1, the use of foil type; very simple, is related to the clothing and accessories with matching, giving the guests a icing on the cake effect, but also allow guests to accept.

2, friends and family promotion; tell the guests >

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