How to open roast duck restaurant

Xiaobian live in the vicinity of the new opened a roast duck restaurant, every day outside the shop have gathered a lot of consumers, it seems that the public is still very fond of the duck food. If you want to do a snack business, open the roast duck restaurant, then what should be prepared?

Making a

two, Roasted Duck around the market, people’s tastes are different, carries on the investigation to the various operating characteristics, to prepare their own Roasted Duck business sites and dishes taste.

operation and cost accounting

the first step: to find the pavement.

two to the inland city, the best transfer fee in the yuan, the monthly rent of thousand dollars below, or residential district population also has specific standards, the only way to ensure the profit. Specific site to listen to the views of professionals.

second step: find and workshop layout.

find workshop surfacing in the vicinity, away from the pavement as close as possible, can save transportation costs. The bigger the room, the better it can store a large amount of raw materials. There is a courtyard or patio, which can burn coal, save fuel costs, but also easy to operate. To the inland city of two, for example, rent about $500.

(following the purchase of all items according to the calculation, greatly reduce the cost of small boutique booth) to buy the basic needs of the goods. To 4500 – 6000 yuan;

fourth steps: decoration.

At the same time making

signs, store layout, store decoration. Decoration to have distinctive features, to attract the attention of everyone, reflecting the special nature of the goods; do plastic light boxes, display tables, artificial stone countertops, partitions, painted walls, etc.. The input of a total of 2000–10000 yuan. At the same time, the decoration of the roast duck Market for market research, including: dishes name, price, taste.

fifth step: buy Spices, spices, accessories.

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