Female college students start textile shop become wealth Master

is now a lot of young people have a lot of questions about entrepreneurship is the successful entrepreneurial wealth, we need to learn from some cases, today Xiaobian take you to understand a textile shop through entrepreneurial success story.

"this is just the arrival of the active dyeing cotton bedding, not fade and pilling, very good use." 16 at noon, the reporter came to the town of Minhou is located in the vicinity of the town government true love home stores, shop owner, Fuzhou University, college graduates sincerely Liu Qian is being introduced with the new store.

the more than and 70 square meters of home textile stores is the love life of the Liu Qian layout is very warm. "I am still in the agent of other brands, but in the future to do their own brand of home textiles business. My own brand and LOGO have been registered." The 25 year old girl in Northern Fujian said proudly.

for several months, a time Liu Qian walked into the store street, supermarkets also asked, small shops also asked, operating status of textile market understanding. After the investigation I found that the textile market brand share of less than 20%, people can speak of home textile brand general price is relatively high, a set to thousands of yuan, want people who can’t afford to buy this, let me find opportunities." Liu Qian told reporters, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, the elimination rate of bedding updates also increased, which means that the demand for bedding for ordinary families is increasing. But in the majority of the concept, still reluctant to buy clothes like that to spend a lot of money to buy bedding. "I think, if there is a good quality of both the quality of the brand, but also the general income of the population can accept the price, will certainly be able to enter the homes of ordinary people." So, from the very beginning to make up their own home textile brand Liu Qian began the operation of home textile stores.

"shop from January last year, invested 300 thousand, bank loans, loans and their friends, school work to save money. At present, home textile stores can also operate, the basic will not pressure." Liu Qian said that she is now the agent of the brand in Zhejiang, hope that through a period of agents, familiar with the textile market, the accumulation of human resources, for the future

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