Shanxi QingChuang guest first successfully signed a customer organization

in the era of entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship in Shanxi has made some achievements, recently, Hugo workshop for 200 million A round of financing has become the first hit off Shanxi signed, but also there will be a large number of projects landing in Shanxi.


4 17, Mao Daqing created Yuko workshop was formally established, as of now has signed 36 venues. To the end of 2015, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Qingdao Hugo workshop will be opened. It is worth mentioning that, soon, Hugo will be landing in Shanxi factory.

"entrepreneurship and innovation" is a new engine of economic development is China, China economic transformation and upgrade to 4 key industrial opportunities. In this background, the same as the Shanxi youth entrepreneurship service customer and Hugo factory to expand the depth of cooperation, for entrepreneurs, when they encounter difficulties in the venture capital, a Shanxi passenger will through the most simple and convenient methods, provide financing services for their direct traffic.

Shanxi QingChuang guest interview, said a staff member, business service industry needs to be set and the wisdom force, in order to better serve the entrepreneurs. On this basis, a customer with the best business services agencies to provide a simple, transparent and efficient help and support for entrepreneurs. "Working with Hugo factory, we will better understand the real needs of entrepreneurs, providing ‘personal’ business services for them."

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