What are the hot pot chain leasing skills

store choice is very important for the majority of entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs are very concerned about the choice of stores, now many entrepreneurs are aware of the catering industry is a great investment value of the industry chain, so what Hot pot leasing skills?

Experience in

this is among the most important thing is to sign a rental contract, Hot pot is the chain store management guarantee. In signing the rental contract, some problems must be carefully considered.

operator best directly with the housing property owner to negotiate lease matters, and not through an intermediary. Negotiate rental in with the housing property owner, to examine the real estate license and relevant legal documents, and the procedures are complete, to avoid unnecessary trouble after.

if you rent in the rush hour, to sign some short; trough, should sign as much as possible, such as more than 5 years or longer. After the expiry of the lease, the lessee has the priority to lease the premises.

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