How to look at the venture now on the road

how to look at the venture now on the road? In fact, there will be a successful business failure, as has become a game, the key we have a reasonable attitude to look at.

A, from the market factors

1. is a popular commodity or service

2. a large number of competitors or counterfeiters to join

3. shop shortage or site values change

4. technical breakthrough in the commodity market or channel change

5. market a significant factor

shortly before the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, Taiwan meat processing market catastrophe, including those upstream, midstream and downstream, and a people are afraid to eat pork, sausage, pork ribs, pig’s trotters all related, retail stores, food stores, has experienced a major test of the market.

two, from the headquarter of factors of

1. inside the headquarters of the organization, the system is not yet perfect, or is still in the experimental stage, support, counseling, advice can therefore give franchisees are limited, so the system of franchisees accidentally added all had to live happily.

2. to join the headquarters of excessive expansion, shop speed too fast, and the lack of plans, the entire logistics system, including production, sales, distribution, research and development, personnel, finance, can not keep up the pace of the shop, problems.

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