Tokusho Hot pot shop investment introduction

A few relatively large stores in the market Hot pot Hot pot Chinese

: what Daimei Dezhuang Hot pot, Hot pot. Of course, the sea fishing hot pot is no one can compare. Xiao Bian today only to introduce the brand Chongqing Dezhuang Hot pot. Introduce some of the issues of concern to everyone.

Chongqing Dezhuang industrial group is a collection of catering industry development, development of food industry, logistics industry development, the diversification of modern food culture of private enterprises, 6 subsidiaries, a research institute, an occupation training school, a large restaurant more than 30 self, Xu Liansuo nearly 400 stores, 2005 ranked Chinese sixth 2006 ranked the top 100 catering, catering hundred fifth Chinese.

since its inception in 1999, Chongqing German industrial group to promote the Chinese food culture, to "give the Chinese food essence, foundation 100 enterprises, a world famous brand" as a strategic goal, made loud "by virtue of doing business in the industry in Dexing Zhuang" business philosophy and the "science and technology of food Xing, green catering, catering cultural development policy", "Xing innovation and innovative" spirit of enterprise, the rapid rise and growth in the catering industry. Has won the "national top 100 catering enterprises", "national green food enterprises", "national top ten catering enterprises", "Chinese commercial credit enterprise", "Chongqing famous trademark", "Chongqing city comprehensive agricultural development and the leading enterprise" and so on.

Chongqing German industrial group to have a "large and well-known, far and near, the best in all the land Hot pot" has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification and HACCP quality system certification, laid the foundation for the products to enter the international market. It relies on Southwest Agricultural University and other scientific research institutions, the development of "green, healthy, nutritious" series of food. Among them, the use of biological enzyme technology to tender the successful development of the "German Maodu", won the "third-prize National Science & Technology progress".

Chongqing Dezhuang industrial group is moving towards intensive, large-scale, diversified development direction, leading role for agricultural industrialization in Chongqing city to play a demonstration.

Dezhuang shop investment funds

Hot pot

brand name: Dezhuang Hot pot

investment amount: more than 1 million

date of establishment: 1999-09-08

total number of stores: 600

business scope: hot pot

for the crowd: free entrepreneurship

join area: National


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