See how to use the wealth of animation animation sister

animation grew up with us, and we grow together, we are familiar with, but with the continuous expansion of the animation market, the animation industry has ushered in a new spring, ushered in a new opportunity. Here, might as well look together sister how to use animation animation to create wealth!

NiuDao, earn 800 thousand

for Dad.

then friends by e-mail sent me a flash, that can use the "pen" to "painting". At that time, I also asked: "what is flash?" The netizen says it is exploited by Macromedia, developers of interactive multimedia products worldwide famous a multimedia software, can be used to produce a variety of animation, comics and video music (due to a variety of animation, produced by flash video music works currently on the Internet is very popular, this kind of works generally referred to as flash). At that time, users also encouraged me to buy some related books. Because of the animation production network learning interest, I obediently after what he said.

in the self end "Flash5" and "ACTIONSCRIPT" and other teaching materials on the Internet, some computer master’s help, I learned animation flash.

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