Four advice for young entrepreneurs

we all know that Gu is the vice president of light speed Vc firms, he is now regarded as a successful investor. So, take a look at some of the country’s advice to young entrepreneurs!

a, entrepreneurial motivation: why do you have a business? What a night may let you can’t sleep or wake up in the morning at the thought of this matter, the direction you are very excited, one thing a day full of passion.

b, the entrepreneurs in the end what to do? Why are you doing? You’d better choose relatively familiar areas to start, only you know you are familiar with the field inside what pain points and profound opportunity, but also some of what kind of challenges.

c, when do you start? – are you ready? A lot of these questions will only be discovered until he really jumps into the water. Or when he is thrown into a heap of problems by VC or angel, he will find that he is not ready.

d, angel or VC? Ask Angel money will be much easier than asking VC money.

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