Suzhou Jinlong was recovered 500 million yuan subsidy also fined $260 million

Golden Dragon in the life of fame is very big, but recently Jinlong not how good? This is not a thing, but also a big event. New energy vehicles to cover up the aftermath of the accident did not disappear, lie in the storm to storm the center of Suzhou Jinlong not only to be recovered more than 500 million yuan of subsidies, but also fined nearly $260 million. Suzhou Jinlong parent company Xiamen Jinlong automobile (600686, shares) so battered, the stock price from the "cheat fill" list before the announcement of 13.66 yuan / share (September 7th) to October 13th closing only 11.86 yuan / share, the total market value of the evaporation of about 1 billion 100 million yuan.

10 13, Jinlong automobile (600686, SH) announcement shows that by the subsidiary of Suzhou Golden Dragon cheat punishment effect, in 2016, Jinlong automobile net profit will be reduced by about $300 million.

daily economic news (blog, micro-blog) finishing found that in 2015 the annual report shows that the annual net profit of 535 million yuan Jinlong car, an increase of 115%. In the first half of this year, net profit of 164 million, an increase of 10.7%. The expenses scandal "swallowed" Jinlong automobile net profit in the first half, there is still half of the gap.

parent company was hit hard

10 13, Jinlong car announcement shows that the company’s subsidiary subsidiary of Suzhou golden dragon was informed by the Ministry of finance administrative punishment.

according to the announcement, the Ministry of finance will recover the Suzhou golden dragon company in 2015 the central government allocated 519 million yuan of funds, and intends to Suzhou Jinlong Company according to the amount of violations of the question of the administrative penalty of $260 million fine. In addition, the announcement also shows that Suzhou Jinlong from 2016 to cancel the central financial subsidy eligibility, when there is uncertainty about the implementation of the restoration.

As for the

measures, Jinlong automobile said, Suzhou Jinlong Company intends to give up the statement of defense and the right to request the hearing, Suzhou Jinlong Company will actively cooperate with relevant departments to carry out rectification, to restore the central financial subsidy eligibility as soon as possible.

according to the preliminary estimate of the golden dragon car, the matter will directly reduce the company’s net profit attributable to parent company in 2016 315 million yuan, will have a greater impact on the company’s operating results in 2016.

reporter finishing found that under financial pressure, Suzhou Jinlong had to resort to the parent company Jinlong car blood transfusion".

had the Jinlong automobile semi annual report shows, Suzhou Jinlong has been from the parent company to borrow 700 million yuan, aged 1 years. According to the announcement in October 12th showed that the dragon car to the subsidiary of Suzhou golden dragon to provide loans 5 recommended

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