How to deal with the cosmetics store inventory

open cosmetics shop, no matter how good the business, it is impossible not inventory, inventory if too large, it is easy to cause the flow of funds is not smooth. If you do not manage the cosmetics store, inventory will enhance the operating costs of the store, especially cosmetics products often appear in a large number of slow-moving products, then how to deal with the cosmetics store inventory? Let’s take a look.

Methods commonly used are:

1, how to deal with the cosmetics store inventory do buy, the backlog of products, change for the welfare. China is a country that pays more attention to human nature. With the establishment and perfection of the trade union organizations of various units, the awareness of labor insurance benefits is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, through the development of enterprises and institutions, so that the backlog of products become welfare goods, direct access to consumer channels, is one of the most convenient way to deal with digestion.

2, joint promotion. That is, combined with other non similar enterprises, in a win-win principle, so that the backlog of inventory products as the other side of the promotional items, and ultimately to achieve the purpose of digestion inventory backlog.

Another way

1, group purchase, taking into account China conditions, the person in charge of related units, some industry "unspoken rule" is used, through the relevant units of the "key" (in charge of procurement, financial decision-making power) investigation, "psychographic", using the relationship, favors, gifts, rebates etc. open the door, group purchase unit.

2, how to deal with the cosmetics store inventory? Joint promotion, to maintain the reserved, not from the grade. Although it appears as promotional items, but the value of the products can not be belittled, in this respect, can through the promotional brochure, single page, annotation and explanation of the backlog of products "promotion value", so that the products do not because of reduced promotional items, and the loss or decrease in value.



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