Hand-painted shoes out of the beautiful life

sometimes walking in the street will encounter hand-painted shoes, business has been very good, a lot of customers, more fun to see. Li Rongzhu is also a hand-painted shoes business, just a few hours, a pair of ordinary white canvas shoes into a full of fashion and personality arts under Li Rongzhu’s pen, the value soared from 200 dollars to tens of dollars.

28 year old Li Rongzhu graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, interior design. After graduating in 2009, she worked as an interior designer and a bookstore salesman. In order to take care of the poor health of the mother, she quit as early as eight nights of work, start their own business.

Li Rongzhu was on the way to Guilin in 2009 when he came into contact with hand-painted shoes. This custom tailored to the needs of customers, the painting process on the shoes attracted her. She decided to ignore her parents discouraged, alone in Guilin began a 10 month apprenticeship. During the day she hand painted shoe shop while studying hand painting process, in the evening to put on the street selling their hand-painted shoes.

2010 years back to Shen Shen, Li Rongzhu still from the stall to start, during the day at home to draw the customer’s shoes, while taking care of his mother, his father went out to work in the evening stall". Business is good in summer, can draw seven or eight pair of canvas shoes every day, but in the winter, snow shoes not only the purchase cost is much higher than the canvas shoes, only bulk goods, and the high cost of goods, it will have to find another way. She tried to paint on the gloves, and found that it is better to sell shoes, each pair of gloves can earn more than ten yuan.

2011 years, Li Rongzhu finally has its own physical store – bamboo hand-painted, at the same time opened a micro shop and Taobao shop to receive online orders, sales channels greatly widened.

to customize their own custom map, unique hand-painted products by the current pursuit of personalized young people love, students, couples are the main force in bamboo hand-painted customers. Many couples choose to customize their own photos with their own cartoon version of the couple products, to see the customer to draw their own products satisfied with the appearance, Li Rongzhu himself also feel a sense of accomplishment.

with the expansion of sales channels, bamboo hand-painted products have become diversified. Not only an increase of more than 10 kinds of shoes, clothes, and hats, umbrellas, bags, necklaces, pillow and other hand-painted products. Which is the second hand painted hand painted eggs, basically sold three or four boxes a day, the price of $90 per box, holiday sales will be better. It is understood that the majority of customers to buy hand-painted eggs is not to eat eggs at home for the children and parents worry.

Li Rongzhu at the same time also opened a calligraphy class, to teach primary school Chinese painting, drawing, calligraphy, etc., hand painted bamboo store as a classroom. Entrepreneurship 6 recommended

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