9 exhibitors tips to help companies stand out in the show

investment show around now has become very common, at the same time, many in the city in order to attract some investors and enterprises, in the investment properties of the spare no effort to hold some exhibitions, there will also be many enterprises in the exhibition, you should pay attention to what the details of the exhibition in china.

how to show the talent shows itself period? Exhibitors should pay attention to details, today small sums up for you 9 Tips to help you win in the exhibition, exhibitors in the exhibition, wins in the next exhibition


1.  details to help you capture buyers eye

eye-catching booth layout is important, but not too fancy layout. Exhibitors should focus on showing the most distinctive products, so that buyers can quickly find the distinctive exhibitors. This is also consistent with the marketing of unique selling proposition (USP) theory; secondly, the exhibitors if relevant certificates can be put in the position of the eyes when attract the attention of buyers, such as CE, RoHs or GMC certificate, with professional image into buyers eyes, to help you maximize your exposure to


2.  a warm and friendly attitude is a lubricant between you and a strange buyer

smile is the most effective international language, a smile to express your international buyers welcome. Smile can reveal professional, confident image of the enterprise, so that buyers are more likely to be attracted to you.

3.  professional quality is the prerequisite for you to get business cards and orders

as an exhibitor, before the exhibition must make the enterprise product review once, you can do that when the buyer inquiries material, quotation and other problems can be answered more buyers immediately, can take the initiative to add additional information to buyers may concern, including selling market, certification and past transaction experience, enhance buyers of enterprises and confidence in the product; 2) the main human knowledge timely failed to understand the global more than and 200 countries and regions, but you should strengthen your target market and potential market or national cultural understanding. If a buyer is willing to tell you that he is from Zimbabwe, A salesman said: we intend to explore the South American market." The B salesman said: "South Africa is our future focus on the development of the market." As a buyer, you would prefer to continue to discuss cooperation with


4.  master initiative

when buyers ignore your booth, or sometimes you stand not to attract attention, then you need to take the initiative to take the first step, the initiative "approached" welcome buyers into your booth. This conversation is not content theme, but introduce products to the buyers initiative, a concise and comprehensive "Come  take  a  look  at  our  latest  and  exclusiv recommendation

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