Easy to see Silicon Valley code farmers why they want to return to business



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here is Silicon Valley, every day there are young people come, in order to take a look at Google and Facebook building in a hurry on the road, or a relationship with Mark ·, met with half an hour. However, some other people, they live here, they have a good income, but they want to go to a China.

they are a bunch of code farmers, for them, Robin Li’s story is encouraging them.

why go back home?

in Silicon Valley, a lot of Chinese engineers are entangled in this issue – home?". In the restaurant, often heard the table next to discuss the future, Chinese investment soaring, even occasionally talking about 8 Alibaba and 9 employees annual salary of how specific.

Li Yifan is one of them.

"(this is) Maiduhaizhu", Li Yifan regarded the status of Silicon Valley Engineer group. Most of the students with Ph.D or Master degree graduated from the famous universities in China. "We have not only GPA, IBT and GRE scores, but we are excellent in all aspects".

, "many of the best aspects of the project have been overlooked, we only see some of the skills associated with the work", for most Silicon Valley engineers, this skill is "write Code". Li Yifan has always been very proud of his fluent spoken English, but rarely needs to communicate with foreign colleagues at work".

low work challenge for many Silicon Valley engineers feel uneasy and unwilling, "when I can think of 10 years, 20 years after his appearance, I think I don’t want to live this kind of life".

the engineers behind the identity, he has a lot of character – amateur photographers, "dunk master" because the blogs around the world to become Internet and media celebrities, or circle known as the "killer" and "bubble brothers trust consultant". He hopes his career can be as rich and wonderful.

similarly, Li Yifan is not the first Chinese to be lost.


came to study in the United States, Zhou Yong has been a leader in peers, from Anhui’s best middle school to the Peking University, he won the first prize in the entrance examination. In addition, he is a rock fan, when the university has long hair, wearing a leather jacket shirtless. He organized his own band, once had hundreds of fans.

7 years ago after graduating from University, Zhou Yong’s class there are 15 students abroad, their grades are good, "everyone agreed that the United States is a very good way, because this school is better, the salary is higher. And do the Internet, who do not want to come to Silicon Valley? "

actually worked in Silicon Valley for two years, Zhou Yong began to contact the domestic headhunting. >

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