An analysis of maternal and child supplies store investment budget analysis

with the country’s second child policy to carry out in full swing, but also to the development of a lot of related industries is very good, the maternal and infant industry is the case, then how much money to open a maternal and child supplies shop? What is the investment budget? I believe many entrepreneurs are interested in this issue. The minimum area of a store can not be less than 30 square meters, less than 30 square meters of the store is easy to competitors. So, now we to 30 square meters, the level of economic development in the city of the store.

a, rent: under normal circumstances, 30 square meters of shops rent about 30000-50000 yuan a year.

two: Summer stocking, stocking 1000 yuan shop ten square meters, ten square meters of winter shop stocking 15000 yuan, 30 square meters of goods in 15000 yuan to 21000 yuan, three square meters of a decoration: decoration costs between 250 yuan -350 yuan, 30 square meters of store decoration costs 7500 yuan to 10500 yuan.

four, industrial and commercial expenses: how much money to open maternal and child supplies shop? Industrial and commercial expenses to 1500 yuan, other costs: $2000 to open a 30 square meters of baby supplies store calculation, the minimum cost is: between $46000 and $70000. This is not included in the rent transfer fee.

Analysis of all above

is small, but there are still many deficiencies, I hope everyone can be a lot of excuse me, this is the independent shop budget, if you choose a well-known baby franchise, then have to look at the specific location of the franchise, what is the minimum required area. In general, the mother and child shop to join the cost than the individual maternal and child shop costs to be much higher, but due to the ready-made model and experience, the franchisee can worry a lot.

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