College students through the clouds finally see the rainbow

college entrance examination, parents pressure is not small, but is also the time of college graduation season, many college students in the company to enter, and some college students are determined to join the venture market, strive to share the wealth soup here.

20 year old Zheng Yunsheng was born in Wuxi County, Chongqing City, sulfur town Shifeng village, poverty. Later, he organized the campus community, businesses through donations and sponsorship absorption, 120 students each semester to help get funding tens to hundreds of dollars; in high school, he began to try to do a summer job, do a monthly salary of 300 yuan in a restaurant waiter, also used to sell barbecue; three, he started on the residents a knock on the door to sell a variety of products, but also try to sell products through lectures.

Zheng Yunsheng appears in the high school experience is a valuable wealth of their own, learn how to deal with strangers, courage and comprehensive quality has also been improved. In addition, he also initially established a summer job can enrich the students’ social experience, and can get a certain amount of income, the impression.

into the Chongqing city management study in Career Academy, Zheng Yunsheng think of any ideas, will try. He put off stall, have set up tents selling phone cards, stationery, with more than 30 college students engaged in campus newsstand; was also designed to understand the recruitment of part-time college students design a unique creative personality and their products, a group of similarly passionate entrepreneurs to sell students…… But because of management oversight and theft, all entrepreneurial projects to the final, the cumulative so that he owed more than 4000 yuan of debt.

Lenovo to high school students around the experience and strong employment aspirations, Zheng Yunsheng began to build an information platform facing the employment of college students, for students to provide holidays, weekends and holidays short-term employment information and internship information.

6 4, he rented a house with a monthly rent of $1100 in the main city of Chongqing, officially started the business. He recommended 1000 yuan per month

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