20 Fen do you believe in success

now soaring prices, people more and more floating, even beggars have looked down on a dime, but it is in the roaring era, there is a person, he used two cents, to achieve their business plan, this thing, do you believe?

he learned information in agricultural college major, after graduation, because the theory is a field, when the laying of pipeline construction foreman, led the migrant workers in remote villages, so that the mobile phone signal coverage. It is said that most of the students find the right position, he was not angry: can not play their own director, according to local conditions to create a big career?

with pipeline extension, he began to realize that the information for the development of rural economy, guiding farmers to get rich how important.

clear thought, he especially full strength. After his resignation, he find students and home into a $50 thousand start-up capital, and communications company to talk about the idea, the two sides hit it off, SMS charges fifty fifty. He looked for his alma mater’s two professors, so that they see their own planning. Old professor to support student entrepreneurship, " appearance fee " free. Finally, he and his hometown of rural science and technology to discuss the good, each of them to develop a user can take two cents earnings information.

20 Fen, looks not worth mentioning, can change a way of thinking, you can make it the value of amplification to hundreds of thousands of times, people made an unexpected success.

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