Central defender disabled passengers will enjoy up to 25 thousand yuan subsidy

When the double

era, the disabled entrepreneurs must be the one of the most benefit groups, according to a variety of disabled entrepreneurs have introduced policies, awesome subsidies to fully reduce business threshold.

which: rural disabled employment support demonstration base 4, per capita subsidy of 25 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan of subsidies; urban and rural self employment of persons with disabilities in individual employment 15, per capita subsidy of 5000 to 11000 yuan, 100 thousand yuan of subsidies; planting and aquaculture industry 196, per capita subsidy of 2000 yuan, 392 thousand yuan of subsidies.

a beginning of the new year, the disabled entrepreneurs will continue to enjoy this year’s all helping entrepreneurs, whether it is money or policy, training, as long as it can help to entrepreneurs, will come to a customer.

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