Wei Peng upinto good choice – men’s business

good men’s choice, is a good choice to highlight our temperament. Wei Peng men’s clothing, men’s brand, has the most fashion menswear. Next, let us look at how it’s Wei Peng:

weipeng River Development Zone’s headquarters is located in the Pearl River Delta, Gaoming District of Foshan City, belonging to the Guangdong HENGWEI Group Co. Ltd. is a leading garment, set of clothing, washing and dyeing, hotels, real estate development, construction and decoration industry in one of the diversified and comprehensive enterprise group. Wei Peng’s trusted brand.

weipeng for the men’s group’s leading HENGWEI clothing brand, its products are jeans, leisure jacket, three series, since its inception in 1985, in line with steady style, steady development in the chairman under the leadership of Mr. Cen Runhong, has become home to 33 offices across the country each big city more than 1000 terminal sales outlets of the famous clothing brand.

men on behalf of the modern city weipeng spirit, their pursuit of quality, know how to enjoy life, for this young, beyond the charm of tailored to meet the needs of the pursuit of quality of life of men’s dress. Rich colors, perfect collocation design, moderate price and elegant version with another male, colorful life.

men weipeng for 14 consecutive years share the first jeans market, and was designated as Chinese Fashion Association Chinese cowboy clothing leading brands, for 5 consecutive years on behalf of China denim apparel industry trends conference held cowboy.

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